Voces is a space for dialogue and discussion about issues facing Latin America. Here, we will listen and talk to those who influence and determine the political discourse and public policies in region. 

The Latin American political class represents a region that remains the most unequal on the planet and that depends in large part on the exploitation of its natural resources. A region that has its economies tied to the fluctuation of the international prices of commodities and the economic cycles of the United States, its largest trading partner. Like any region in the world, Latin America is caught in the maelstrom of alternating geopolitical forces and confronts the challenges of globalization, the effects of climate change and rapid urbanization, and a citizenry newly attuned to social networks.

While all of these issues would require sophisticated analysis, critical reflection and informed discussion, the media cycle today is short and dominated by scandal and soundbites. Politicians and policy makers face a daily diatribe of criticism that undermines the public discourse and clouds the channels of information that exist between the citizens and the political class. This impacts the quality of the political dialogue and the level of confidence vested in the political class. 

Voces was created as a space that privileges political dialogue. We hear from those who exercise the levers of power in the region and who bear the responsibility of conducting politics in Latin America.  

The extended interviews take place at McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University, and are publicly available online.